MH-6 Real Estate Team

Mary Hostetter

Realtor and Broker

I have a passion for creating a world where good homes are one of the foundations of what we are about. This means having holistic systems that create well-being in many areas starting with our relationship with our Earth home. To this end I am dedicated to helping others find their “home” and make the land better in which they are rooted. And when a life chapter ends, transferring this holistic system to a new owner with care, as we build a better world.  With a career in Wall St. public finance early on, I am keen on running the numbers side of things with an eye toward enhancing wealth. And as an investor myself I know how to think thru all the variables to make real estate work in dynamic market conditions. I have called Boulder home since 2006 and thru my network with Denver metro mortgage bankers, builders, contractors, stagers and designers, position my clients to succeed with financial integrity and a myriad of holistic win-win solutions. I make the process of buying and selling real estate as informative and creative as possible along with my great team.

In the past 20 years I have helped start several non-profits involving reconditioning land and buildings: 1. a co-housing, retreat and land restoration project in north Texas; and 2. a multi-use conference/community center in Boulder (Boulder Integral).

I have created the Well Homes Newsletter as a resource to connect people to sustainable design, eco life styles, and holistic practices that support life’s journey. Growing oneself and a family in today’s chaotic world requires many skills. Our homes reflect our deepest values and when we understand how to create the next evolution of home, we serve the whole neighborhood by engaging in holistic ways to live.  I have a B.A. in American Studies from Smith College, where I was an All American athlete in cross country. I have been a Vice President in Public Finance on Wall Street. And while raising my three kids, I have been in the wellness and human development profession as a coach and healer. I grew up in a close family of 12 children and learned early on how to work well with others to do good things. All good things take everyone contributing to make lasting change.