home-gratitude_orig House Blessings

House Blessings Augment the Living Matrix

How often do you feel that your home is supporting you to be in alignment with your connection to others, your creativity and your awareness as part of the Planet’s eco-systems? If you find yourself at times feeling off your game or at odds with these things, a House Blessing can help clear and bring in the coherent energy patterns that are most helpful to you.

For the majority of my life, I have been attracted to nature spaces that allow me to tune into the bigger web of life. It is from these experiences, witnessing myself as a tiny part of a vast eco-system, that I better embody the experience of being an intricate eco-system myself, a microcosm of the macrocosm. As a physical body, I carry a vast eco-system. There are trillions of micro-organisms that live in me and allow me to exist here. This reframe has been pivotal to understanding how thriving eco-systems are symbiotic — they have a connected network of intelligence that is dynamically aware of which part, no matter how small, needs support.

Our homes are embedded in a network of eco-systems that we have a huge role in curating.  Our homes are a container in which we do essential functions for our physical bodies, our mental and emotional bodies and our spiritual bodies. Often we are doing this as a collective group of humans — a family —  living with our loved ones, our animals and plants. The care and understanding we bring to our home eco-system — allows every being present to be nourished in their Well of Being.  Our homes can invite us to our deeper connection with each other and the living matrix around us. If we attune to the eco-system on which they are built a symbiotic relationship is held.  It is through an activation of our heart that we communicate with each part of our embedded eco-systems to support the Well Being of the Whole.

It is from this place of connected awareness that I co-create House Blessings. We start with your intentions for what you wish for your home. And we bring in the five elements to support these, while clearing each room and the land. We bring in understandings for how the land, and all living things around the property, are a partner with the home owner.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more.