Detoxing the Body

green-juice Detoxing the Body to Make Way for the New

Like many people, I did not always have a detox routine happening in my every day life. It wasn’t until repeated healing crises showed up that I began to search for a better solution other than antibiotics and prescription drugs. Repeated illnesses like strep viruses, bacterial infections, digestive issues, thyroid issues, yeast infections, fatigue and low grade depression have all been in my health history. As I raised my kids, it was interesting to see that they paralleled many of my health issues. On a quest to find better solutions, I slowly opened the door to a larger understanding of how the body’s natural healing system works.  I spent time with an ayurvedic chiropractor who introduced me to the concept of cleansing.  My first cleanse was daunting and required many patterns to be shifted. I had a sugar addiction and needed that to be released. I remember as the cleanse drew to a close, my taste buds, sense of smell, and feeling of nourishment dramatically shifted.  I learned to cook ayurvedic foods with healing spices and herbs that supported my digestive, immune and endocrine system. Stress levels shifted. Thankfully, my husband and I both did the cleanse, so we were able to incorporate many things into our regular routine.  Slowly I added pieces one by one to give me, today, 20 years later, a much better daily routine that has spread to my whole family. We all have moved a huge step forward in our health and share healthy lifestyles with our communities.  I have learned that regular detoxing is among the simplest, most efficient methods of staying healthy and enjoying life with a lighter and clearer body and mind. And the results have shown that an ounce of prevention is worth not only one, but ten pounds of cure.

Besides the health benefits of detoxing, why do it? Detoxing is actually a way to grow our consciousness. When we make space for more health in our bodies, we make more room for consciousness to be present. Consciousness works on the quantum level of things. When our cells are regularly detoxed and have higher signaling energy, the sub- atomic level can connect faster. And as our nervous system is supported to be a clear transmitter and broadcast system, we can receive more signals in for the things we are asking help on. The intentions, prayers, and dreams we have actually are frequencies and when clearly sent out to the Unified Field will attract back frequency matches that will help us get the resources and support we need. As we put out stronger signals from clearer, faster connections, we receive back faster, stronger answers. This means we are building capacities for ourselves faster when we are detoxing regularly, than when we are full of toxins and sick and tired. And as we build more capacity in our system we can be of more service to the collective consciousness we are part of.

In an effort to share an example of things to do, which is by no means exhaustive, here is a sample of a daily detox routine. Seasonal detoxing is a whole other step that should be done with guidance from a health practitioner your first time.  Find a practitioner or coach who uses gradual measures, like Esther Cohen who has created a school around this. There are  heroic cleanses that are too harsh on the body. I had an experience after one, where my lips and skin around my mouth peeled for over a year. Definitely not recommending that one.

Super 7 Daily Detox Routine

  1. Water- Elixir Extraordinaire: Alkaline clean water is the most important drink you can give your body.  If possible pay for local spring water. Spring water is very alkaline, has none of the toxins in city water and will be your first defense against disease. It flushes toxins and fuels your cells better than anything. The alkalinity absorbs cellular waste that is acidic. The price of the water is minuscule compared to the long term benefits your body will get. And I suggest you keep plenty of quality BPA free plastic, glass, or stainless steel water bottles filled ready to walk out the door with you. Most restaurants do not use spring water and why buy plastic bottled water which only adds to pollution and is not near the quality for your body. If you can’t get spring water, there are some filters that are better than others. For a depth review of water options read Dr.Mercola’s suggestions . Adding organic lemon slices or juice to the water helps increase cleansing effects as well. As you have heard many times, drink half your weight in water throughout the day.
  2. Green Juice: Detox Drink and Cell Food Extraordinaire: Drink an organic green juice every day, preferably freshly made. You can make it with almost every green vegetable and grass. My basic one is: 1 whole bunch of celery, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, ½ cup cilantro or parsley, handful of kale or spinach leaves, 1 inch fresh ginger, ½ inch fresh turmeric, juice of 1 lime and 1 lemon. This makes enough for two people or store one in a glass bottle and freeze for the next day to keep most nutrients. On days I am too busy I either buy one or use a Green Grass Powder for an easy to mix drink.
  3. Smoothie/Herb Drink: Elixer for Energy and Focus: Make an elixir of adaptogenic herbs, mushroom powders, protein powder, almond milk and water, soaked chia seeds with wild blueberries and half an avocado. I drink this before or after a workout. Anthony William is a medical intuitive who has a wealth of resources on reversing illness with detoxing drinks.
  4. Meditation and Mindful Breathing: Detox your Mind and Emotions: A daily meditation practice is invaluable in letting go of the emotional and mental stresses we get every day. There are many styles of meditation and each person is best finding what works for them. I would suggest trying one with a meditation teacher like Cynthia Wilcox, who can get you oriented and thru the rough spots.  The mind can get grumpy when it is not in charge.  Mindful breathing is another practice that brings much more oxygen into the body than our normal shallow breathing. I do diaphragmatic breathing throughout the day and use this time to give gratitude for what is happening that is opening towards the Good, the True and the Beautiful. I breathe in curiosity, patience, and receptivity and I breathe out what I don’t need to hold onto, frustrations, triggers, old stories.
  5. Vegetable/Plant Based Diet: Lighten your Body: A plant based diet as researched over 40 years by T. Colin Campbell does much to reduce inflammation, reverse disease and support the body to function optimally. Eat lots of fresh vegetables either lightly steamed or raw and add in small amounts of protein. I like wild caught fish that is not on the mercury list, grass fed buffalo or beef, and organic turkey every few days. Every day I make sure to have sprouted seeds,nuts, beans and sprouted grains as protein. Also support your digestive health by adding in fermented foods, rich in pre-biotic and pro-biotic enzymes. And growing your own food or supporting local farms is an excellent way to know how your food is grown.
  6. Dental Hygiene: Manage Bad Bacteria: One of the keys for reducing bad bacteria in your body is to manage it in your mouth. Tongue scrapping with a brush scrapper, homemade toothpaste like one with bentonite clay, baking soda, peppermint oil, calcium/magnesium powder, trace minerals, and coconut oil. And I make a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash which helps kill bad bacteria. Here are some more tips to have fresh breath, healthy gums and teeth.
  7. Exercise and Sweat: Move Toxins Out: Train your body to sweat either via a workout or a yoga class. Or take a sauna, infra-red or regular. Sweating is one of the best ways our bodies detox. And if you add twists and turns of your torso, you flush your organs even better. As we know exercise of all types moves lymph and circulation which is key to cellular detoxing.

To your health and vitality! My next blog will focus on Detoxing your Home.

with love and appreciation,

photo-3-2 Detoxing the Body to Make Way for the New

Yoga is one of the best exercises we can do, especially as we age. There are many styles of yoga and new forms showing up like Kaiut Yoga, accessible to anyone.  There are online classes if you can’t find a studio near you. Yoga moves the lymph, detoxes the organs, strengthens and stabilizes bones and muscles, and brings mindful, cleansing breath and focused attention to the body. Energetic and spiritual elements layer in as well.   

farmstand Detoxing the Body to Make Way for the New
kale-salad Detoxing the Body to Make Way for the New

Shopping at organic farmers markets guarantees fresh, nutrient dense food. Creative food recipes abound on the internet. Here is a list of 30 detox foods and recipes. And local Lyons nutritionist Esther Cohen has recently published a wonderful book, Alchemy of Nourishment, with a plethora of seasonal cleanse protocols, recipes and inspiration.