Chautauqua-2-copy Boulder

Iconicized by its enormous sandstone slabs backed by snowcapped peaks, Boulder is the town affectionately referred to as “25 square miles surrounded by reality”. Voted the happiest and healthiest city in America, Boulder boasts award winning schools, top performing businesses, and a beautiful landscape.

Dedicated to the active, the innovative, and the open-minded, Boulder has a unique culture all it’s own that has drawn people in for decades. You’ll find elite athletes mingling with craft beer enthusiasts, and tech entrepreneurs mentoring university students.

Boulder’s progressive attention to heath and wellness doesn’t stop with its residents – Boulder  also values the health of its environment. Boulder is well on its way to becoming a zero waste community, and 40% of commuters use some sort of environmentally-friendly transportation, ranking it amongst the top green cities for families and bike-friendly cities in America.