Making Time for Beauty

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In the rush of our busy lives, when we take time to experience beauty we invite our soul to exhale. After our long winter, how perfect that nature helps us exhale with abundant beauty. Whether it’s walking on the trails or public spaces, we get a boost of amazing colors and smells.

Flowers are riotous in their way of giving beauty and certainly inspired this artist to make a plant scape on the Pearl St. fountain recently. Looks like it is his version of Green Man.

Quince-barn-doors Making Time for Beauty

What’s the latest in style trends?

Barn doors, subway tiles, quartz counter tops, shaker cabinets, and farmhouse kitchen sinks are what is enticing buyers to bid more quickly on homes. Barn doors add a sense of grounded earthiness to a room. Farmhouse sinks and shaker cabinets bring us back to Americana history. Subway tiles give us connection to the community spaces we whiz ourselves around in big cities. Quartz is a powerful transmitting crystal that can be programmed for healing and abundance. There are countless ways we can bring nature in to make our space more beautiful and intelligent. See more from research conducted by Zillow on homes sold with these features. And here is my barn door which sets off a nice entranceway to our living room

Green Tips for Your Home

Rain barrel collection for your garden:

Have you thought about using rain water to help water your garden? Under a new Colorado law, (House Bill 16 10052016), residential homeowners are now able to use two rain barrels, with a combined capacity of 110 gallons, to capture precipitation from their rooftops. The collected precipitation is required to be used on the property where it is collected and may only be applied to outdoor purposes such as lawn irrigation and gardening. The law guarantees collection of precipitation from rain barrels does not interfere with existing water rights and that the use of a rain barrel does not constitute a water right. The state engineer is required to track adoption and usage among homeowners.

Need a new vanity sink or headboard?

ReSource Recovery6400 Arapahoe Rd in Boulder, is selling these marble ones for $35. Bring your creative eye to find things that might add a unique touch to your home improvement project at
killer prices.

Or how about a do it yourself headboard made of distressed wood? I think I’m going to try this one. : ) Will grab a few handy friends to help. Lots of inexpensive ways to make a room feel richly connected to nature.

rain-jar Making Time for Beauty
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With Love,

Your Conscious Homes Team

Written by Mary Hostetter on behalf of Conscious Homes